The True Nigeria You Never See

Countless media resources spotlight the poor, amoral and unpleasant Nigeria, therefore the great gets remaining behind. As a Nigerian now living out West, I know to get everything I see in the news headlines about my place with a wheat of salt. I start the news headlines, and almost every subject I learn about Nigeria moves along the lines of, “Nigeria in Disaster”, “Hundreds killed in Nigeria”, “Horror in Nigeria,” and the intensive list of unpleasant and depressing headlines continue. But, the media does not celebrate the people that do place in work to turn the country about nigeria news; those who believe in their home and are willing to glorify it to whatever period it takes.

Nigeria as a nation is not even close to its negative designs, and before scanning this, you ought to genuinely believe that too. While, I can’t deny that to a degree, Nigeria is truly perhaps not between the safest places to live. In reality, why would I keep my home and transfer West if it were therefore safe, lovely and usually positive?

he truth is, just like every different state (but mainly creating countries), the people are fed up with their corrupt leaders and decided to take the matters of emergency within their really hands. Individuals have opted out from honest societal norms of living, and started to accomplish anything and every thing to survive, offense included… problem, dismiss of human rights, kid labour, and therefore much more.

So, I can not remain here and deny the fact Nigeria is definitely a land that breeds a bunch of violations, and inhumane actions. But it’s house; home for me; house for therefore several other people which are created into that process of success; house for people that have no different option but to call home a broken life style; home for individuals which have no decision but to survive.

Therefore even when I sit within my lavish chairs, and type freely and safely at my notebook in public places, without the quick anxiety for my normal protection while sampling on a pompous yet delightful beverage from Star-bucks out West, I can’t help but yearn for my house in the East. I yearn for my family, and wish this 1 time, Nigeria truly becomes a secure haven for most of the people which have left.

It’s in my moments of looking out for my country that I stumbled upon the extraordinary function of Devesh Uba (also known as Take It Oga). Previously year, his name has diffused over most of social media. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, he’s every where, and more importantly, he’s everywhere because of the nature of his photographs.

In 2013, Uba, a block shooter from India overlooked the countless negative labels that propaganda press is keen on attaching to Nigeria, specially their industrial capital city, Lagos. This town is widely called the 2nd fastest rising city in Africa, and it is undoubtedly wealthy with diversity, culture, strength, tourism, as well as extreme around population. Uba ventured out of his hometown in India to the vibrant city living of Lagos – armed without anxiety from every one of the negative data he’d previously learned about the country – travelled to the town by himself to work and stay for a year.