Idea creation in business: how to out-innovate your competition

The best companies out there today are those who find new ways to make everyday life easier and more exciting.

Those looking to change the world for the better approach business with this philosophy in mind. When you set out to do this, it is important to have a rock solid creative process, as this will be necessary to keep ahead of the competition when they attempt to copy your concepts.

Fortunately, there is crowdsourcing software made for businesses like yours – when used along with a slew of other strategies, you will possess the idea generation faculties that will ensure your company will be fine in the long run.

With that in mind, here are a few ways you can out-innovate your competition.

1) Install crowdsourcing software on your company’s servers

While it used to be possible to assemble a work team under one roof, the globalized nature of work in the 21st century means you are just as likely to have employees in Manila as you are to have them in Michigan.

Knowing this, how is it possible to pull the collective efforts of your creative staff together when the time comes to work on a new product?

Crowdsourcing software has made all these interactions possible, allowing people to chime in on all stages of the creative process, from the prototype stage to the pre-launch marketing buildup.

After playing around with it for a few weeks, you’ll quickly see how its features will unleash creativity, and give you access to a world of perspectives.

2) Always be adding value

When you move to bring any new service or product into the world, ask yourself this question: how will it improve the lives of our customers?

The aim shouldn’t be maximal profit; instead, you should always aim to revolutionize how people live their lives. When you do this, you often end up making much more than those focused on short-term profits.

For instance, if you create drivers that improve distance off the tee by 30%, you have just transformed the game of countless recreational and competitive golfers.

Just come up with a charger that boosts up a Tesla to full in two minutes? Gas stations will snap these up in a heart beat, as electric cars are set to take over roads within a couple decades.

How will you impact the lives of your customers?

3) Make it exciting and fun

If your world-shifting invention is too dense for people to grasp or if it is marketed in a way that bores people, good luck selling it to your target market.

Always aim to thrill when you creating a product or service. Virgin Atlantic does this, as the success they have enjoyed over the decades has flowed from their sexy and hip approach to customer service.

Just spend time in one of their clubhouses and you will understand what we mean. Miles apart from the  uber boring lounges of their competitors, their attitude and amenities only make it more likely that first time customers will fly with them again.