Upgrade Your Home Theatre With the Best LED Or LCD TV

Are you planning on upgrading your home theatre? Well, if yes then you would definitely be pondering about which TV you should be buying, LED or LCD.

Although LED TVs are just misnomers, the term “LED” has made its way to the public conscience. The truth is LED TVs are just LCD TVs that use LED lights for backlighting as an alternative to fluorescent CFL lighting. Rather both the TVs use liquid crystal display panel for displaying light on the screen. Now you would be wondering, what is the difference between the two and what is the LED TV price in India? Let’s shed some light on features that can help you decide on buying the best TV in the market.


Three different forms of illumination technologies are used in these TVs:

  • CCFL Backlighting
  • Full Array LED Backlighting
  • LED Edgelighting

Digging each one a little deeper will help us come up with the pros and cons of each technology.

  • CCFL Backlighting: This is an older form of technology and are comparatively cheaper. In this technology, a series of CCFLs are placed across the TV, behind the display, which helps in providing similar brightness levels, but affects some aspects of picture quality. CCFL TVs are comparatively thicker and these days, are also considered as outdated.
  • Full Array LED Backlighting: In this technology, an array of LEDs sit at the back of the screen, which makes it easy to illuminate or dim the zones of LEDs using a process called local dimming. These TVs use less power, and also create better pictures, when compared with CCFL TVs.  
  • LED Edgelighting: This is another form of screen illumination, in which the LEDs sit along the edges of the screen. This can be either just bottom; top and bottom; left and right or even along the four edges. These configurations result in differences in picture quality, but overall picture quality still exceeds CCFLs. These TVs also cost less to the manufacture and are also thinner.


This is a feature in which the LED light source behind the TV is dimmed or lit to match the demand of the picture. This feature helps LCD based TVs to closely match the quality of OLED and Plasma TVs.

Unfortunately, CCFLs are unable to feature better contrast levels and local dimming. Instead the LCD panels are evenly illuminated, thus making a huge difference in the picture quality, when compared to Edgelighting and full array backlighting.

In Edgelighting, the LEDs are positioned on the edges of the screen, which works well, but sometimes can result in some gloominess in dark areas, as compared to full array LED TVs. But this is not the case with all the LED edgelight TVs. Full array backlighting comes with the most accurate local dimming and best contrast. The brightness in these TVs is more uniform across the screen.  


Pricing is another crucial feature that should be taken into consideration. You should always check the best brands, prices, assured service and delivery options, beforehand. These days, websites like buyhatke also provide LED TV price list, which makes it easy to compare prices from different websites like amazon, flipkart, paytm, snapdeal and many more.   So, think wisely and take your pick.