Ways to enter into the music industry

If you love music, being a part of the music industry is something exciting which many of us believe to be unreachable.  There are several different ways that you can get involved, some of which many people don´t know is an avenue.  Imagine creating your first album in a studio, producing someone else’s first album or even dealing with the stars on a day to day basis and being a part of their ever-growing careers.  Catering to all different types of roles in the music business, here are just some of the ways to make it possible.

As part of the business

There are hundreds of roles available in the music industry for a businessman/woman.  It is often thought that if you want to have anything to do with the music industry, you must, at least, know how to sing or play an instrument, this is a complete myth.  Something that you will most likely need is some sort of music business degree education, but this involves absolutely no learning of instruments or learning how to sing.

As a musician

The most obvious and well-known way of entering into the music industry.  This requires you to be able to play an instrument, sing or maybe even both.  If you are a budding young artist be it solo or in a band then there are a number of ways to help get noticed.  Being involved with the local music scene is always a great way for the record labels to realise your talent and get in touch with you about a possible signing.  Constantly networking is also an excellent way to get yourself out there, networking online such as creating a band or artist page and recording and uploading your live performances can get you noticed.

As a professional

Many big companies are always looking for professionals to fill roles within their enterprise that have absolutely nothing to do with the music side of things.  Lawyers, photographers, choreographers and other roles are always sought after.  If you have experience or a qualification of any kind, there is a great chance that there is some kind of role available for you in the industry.

As an audio engineer

Audio engineers are one of the most important links in the music industry chain.  They are the people that engineer the sounds and make them completely ready to be released to the public.  A great way to get to know the great artists which have already been scouted meaning that they make great quality music.  This job will require a qualification in engineering and/or a great deal of experience for a record company to look twice at your resume, but is without a doubt one of the most hands on and exciting role in the music industry.

As you can see, there are all of these different ways to become employed in the music industry.  So, if it has always been a dream for you, hopefully reading this has made you realise that it is not beyond your reach!