Marketing Roundup – Hot New Whitepapers

Hey digital marketers, looking to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in online acquisition channels this month? Well you’re in luck! Because we’re rounding up some of the latest and greatest ebooks and whitepapers that will keep you sharp.

Let’s take a look at three papers: one on the case for vanity websites, one on how to use social media in China, and one on Instagram for business.

Vanity Websites

While this whitepaper takes a look at the topic from the perspective of the hospitality industry, it’s broadly applicable to businesses in almost any field, especially those with a direct to consumer model where you need to differentiate from your competitors. The PDF covers how you’ll drive more leads, surface higher in search, have better branding opportunities, and more.

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Social Media in China

With over a billion people, any large business needs to be looking to China for growth potential. But navigating the governments complex rules and limited freedoms can be tricky, especially in grey areas like social media and user generated content. This white paper helps you out by not only teaching you how to identify your proper audience (no easy task from thousands of miles away) but also understand which social network are right for your brand, and what you can and can’t post.

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Instagram for Business

Instagram has been surging in 2017, and shows no sign of letting up next year. Unfortunately, many businesses do not know how to capitalize on this trend, letting their consumers’ eyeballs go to waste. This great new ebook from Schedugram let’s you turn Instagram into a profitable marketing channel, and shows you how to get up and running fast, with profile basics, content tips, optimization strategies, and much more.

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