My Fiancée Purchased a Diamond Ring Online

My boyfriend and I had been ring shopping 4 or 5 different weekends now. Being an uber-planner, it took me three years of dating and several discussions before I had agreed that I was finally ready to get engaged. I knew a proposal was coming but he planned on making the details a surprise. I could tell by my parents’ giddiness during phone calls that he had decided to get their blessing ahead of time too. We wanted to go with a traditional looking diamond engagement ring, but I am a stickler for details and was still unsure about the exact features I wanted. My boyfriend had offered to just surprise me, but I still wanted to give some input before he made a final selection. I had an idea of the features I liked, the type of cut, preferred stone size, band size and color preference but we had yet to find all those features in one ring during our trips to the local jewelers. To make matters worse, I found myself having difficulty remembering and discussing the details of various rings after I got home from a long evening of ring browsing. That’s when we started searching the web for pictures and were surprised to find a variety of online jewelry stores which sold high quality diamond engagement rings.

At first, I was skeptical about making such an important purchase online. I routinely bought smaller items online, but a diamond engagement ring? I had questions. I came across an article called As Fine Jewelry Moves Online, The Market Sparkles which confirmed my hunch that nice jewelry was now being purchased online by many couples. The article indicated that this was a quickly growing market and that traditional companies were looking to expand their services to the online market as well.

A few quick searches lead us to websites such as which described the selection of rings available through particular online companies as well as information about the purchase, shipping, and return details that I had questions about. I was pleased to see that online jewelry sellers offered a variety of diamond grades, cuts and prices. Also, custom designs were available in some cases. I ended up finding a couple of rings that had the features I was looking for without needing to order a customized design and I was happy to see that my preferred choices did meet the criteria for shipping, insurance and return policies that we felt comfortable with. We did discuss that during the return period, my boyfriend could take the ring to a local jeweler to have it appraised as a way to increase our confidence in the purchase. In the end, we decided to have my boyfriend make the final determination about which ring to purchase. Somehow, even though I knew it was coming, he was able to pull together an engagement plan that caught me completely by surprise. After a sweet proposal, he marked this special occasion with a beautiful diamond ring that I love and cherish.