How to Make the Ceiling Stand Out

Not many homeowners can’t think beyond traditional when it comes to decorating the ceiling. A plain surface with white painting is the safest of choices, and you may have seen it in scores of houses. A white ceiling is not bad. After all, it makes a room brighter, expands it visually, and complements any type of décor schemes.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of ceiling decoration ideas that you can utilize to transform a casual room into an exotic space.

 Dark shades for high ceilings.

Dark hues are bold and dramatic and not many people have the guts to use them. However, just make sure that the room has abundant natural light and enough height before experimenting with bold colors such as midnight blue, charcoal, black, or bittersweet chocolate.

Select a pale color for the walls and choose the furnishings in lighter polishes. Contrasting hues will add a sense of depth and warmth in a subtle way, which will be perfect for a luxurious bedroom or an elegant living room. To give a finishing touch to the dramatic setting, you can add a glittery chandelier.

 Bright colors for low ceilings.

Contrarily, if the room is small and the ceiling is low, you should choose a bright color to create a sense of space and make the room look visually bigger. Sunny yellow, orange, or turquoise add energy and pizzazz to a place and bring a fun, happy vibe. Such a ceiling will look beautiful in kitchens or bathrooms where the furnishings and other fixtures are mostly crisp white or monochromatic.

If you choose this option for the bedroom where the walls are in soft or neutral shades, create a balanced look by bringing colorful curtains, rugs, and beddings.

 Architectural details for added beauty.

Ceiling molding is a popular design trend widely used by many homeowners. The combination of ornate crown molding shaped around the ceiling and the walls in a slightly contrasting color will create a fantastic design feature.

If the fixture is simple, paint in in a different color than the ceiling and walls. However, it’s not necessary if it carries decorative designs. You can pair it up with a gorgeous chandelier and medallion to highlight the ceiling even more.

Work with wallpaper.

It’s the cheapest but highly effective option that can instantly transform a vacant surface into a statement-making feature. If your aim is to revive the lackluster ceiling without overpowering the rest of the decoration, choose a print that is subtle in style yet still catches attention. However, if you are in favor of a dramatic look, choose a vibrant floral print or colorful stripes. It will seriously enhance the visual appeal of the entire space.

 Create a shimmery effect.

It will not only add glamor to a place but also create visual depth for its reflective quality. Now, you can use either metallic paint such a muted silver or gold or install a shiny fixture such as tin tiles.

It is a nice trick not only to emphasize the aesthetic of the ceiling but also to transform a small room into a jewel box. For example, you can easily glam up the powder room by combining a shimmery paint or tiles with shiny metal fixtures and brass elements. Be careful about accessorizing because bringing so many elements will be overkill.

Go for the patterns.

 A patterned ceiling is perfect for making a stylish statement. You can create stripes or geometric patterns with paint, wooden frames, tiles, or something else. Stencil design is also a superb idea as it can go over the top to feed the adventurous souls and bring in drama to a place. If the motifs are intricate, choose a monochromatic color scheme to make everything look proportionate and less chaotic.

These are excellent concepts if you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. You will not surely regret the decision after seeing the wonder dramatic effects created by these design ideas.