7 Instagram Features To Increase Your Brand Presence and Sales

Instagram, as we know it today, is far different from the earlier version known for the filters. Today, thanks to the addition of features and the upgrades on social site, there is more you can do with it.

If you are among the elite (or anyone who knows that everything has more than one use), then you know that Instagram is a marketing gem. Sharing your recent travel destination, makeup skills and foods isn’t all you can do – as an entrepreneur, Instagram opens ways for you to reach a wider audience and sell more of your products/ services. Some of the features that will boost your brand presence and increase sales include:

  1. Instagram Stories

As an ICBC personal injury lawyer, how many times do you get notifications of a story that will disappear in 24 hours? Well, this feature allows you to share photos and live videos that will vanish from the face of Instagram in 24 hours. You can use this feature to share content about a new product launch, a how-to video demo. You can also use it to show the behind-the-scenes activities taking place at a particular time. Making use of the Instagram Stories’ exclusivity appeal works well for most business brands.

  1. Push Notifications

Wouldn’t you like to know that your favorite account is up to? What about your competition, wouldn’t you like to stay abreast of what they are up to? Though hidden, you can access this feature by going to your profile then click on the three dots and select the Turn on Post Notifications.

You will also benefit from this feature as it lets you know about trending deals or traffic updates. You can also encourage your followers to activate the feature as it will keep them informed of any product launches, time-sensitive deals and promotions. So, yes, it increases your visibility.

  1. Instagram Algorithm update

Though most marketers dread the Instagram algorithm updates, you shouldn’t frown at them every time. The current algorithm update allows you to prioritize the content from the users you engage with frequently. It puts up their latest posts on top of your newsfeed reducing the amount of time spent scrolling down the pages. How does the algorithm update affect your business, you wonder? Well, it increases your page’s visibility and awareness.

  1. Management of Favorite Filters

Every Instagram user has favorite filters among the 40 unique filters availed by Instagram. Since consistency is crucial for your business, you find that you use more filters and never use others. Using the gear icon at the end of the filter list, you can manage your filters. If you have many social media managers clarify the preferred filter for your pictures.

  1. Hiding content from your profile

To prevent random people from tagging you in unrelated and inappropriate content, you can hide content from your profile. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to Instagram Stories. You can adjust your tagging options by going to the three dots at the ‘Photos of You’ section.

  1. Managing multiple Instagram accounts

This allows you to switch between two or more Instagram accounts’

  1. Editing your Geo-tagging content

This is important for social media managers because you could be managing an account from another part of town and you don’t want Instagram to share the details about your location when you are home.

Final Thoughts

While Instagram is getting easier to use and manage, you should be ready for even more updates that will make use of the social media site easier.