Susan Lanci – How to Make Your Dog Happy

One of the greatest joys one can have in life is owning a dog. They become family and are constant companions. Their benefits to their owners are well documented with better moods, becoming healthier, less stress, and a longer life expectancy being the leading benefits to owners.

Perhaps their greatest benefit is however that they require so little from their owners. Dogs ask for little more than food, water, affection, and if they’re very good, a Susan Lanci Rock Star Step-in Harness. You can purchase one online by the way at

Yes dogs are a blessing and we owe it to them to show our love and appreciation for the roles they play in our lives. We can do this every days by making sure we focus on doing a few key things for them. Here are some key things on that list.

Fresh Water

Like with humans, dogs are made primarily of water and demand this vital liquid for the optimal working of their bodily functions. Unlike humans dogs cannot turn on the tap and get themselves water when they want it. They depend on you to be constantly aware when their water bowl is empty, that is should be refilled.

Remember, during the summer dogs are wearing fur coats and when they exert themselves they can overheat quickly. In winter when the house is usually kept very warm dogs can also overheat. Your goal should be to make sure that there is always fresh, and clean water available for your dog.

Make sure that it does not sit too long in a dish also, because stagnant water can contain bacteria if your dog continues to drink from it and sits in the dish too long after. This particularly pertains to do dishes that are outside.

Quality Dog Food

Your dog’s only access to food and nutrition is through you and the meals you feed it. So you need to take an approach of giving your dog healthy and high quality meals. Purchase a quality dog food for your dog.

Yes, these dog foods are more expensive, but the extra expense will be saved on vet visits you do not have to take because your dog will be healthier.  And if your dog is ill too often it could mean that you are not giving it the right dog food even if it is expensive.

Talk to your vet about the best brands and stay away from too much table food which can cause your dog many health issues. The right dog food will have meat as its first two ingredients and little or no corn as a filler. Remember, dogs are primarily meat eaters. If your dog has a dull coat and flaky skin, there is a good chance that it is the food.

Regular Exercise

Dogs are wild animals at heart and need to get out into the streets, park or woods to stretch their muscles and break a sweat. You need to get your dog out every day and give it the chance to run and be a dog. If your dog is chewing on things like furniture or shoes, it could be because of the excess energy that should be expelled from exercise. Find a dog park where you can take your dog off the leash and let it run with a pack of dogs. Let it out in the yard. Whatever the route you take do it for at least an hour and every day. If you do, you will have a very happy dog.